/ Reference

Automating Scripture Quotes

Using Workflow to extract markdown quotes of scriptures

Getting started with iOS development

A basic set of resources for those considering learning to code iOS apps

Updating layouts for iPhone X

An ongoing summary of lessons learned from updating designs for the iPhone X

Simpler blogging with Working Copy

Combining Workflow and Working Copy makes for powerful, easy blogging from iOS with a GitHub Pages blog

Public drafts with a GitHub Pages blog

Improve the process of publishing from anywhere by previewing drafts on your actual site

Using Workflow to publish to GitHub Pages

Leverage the power of automation to reduce friction in publishing from anywhere

Adding automation to open-source projects

Improving projects and increasing self-guilt with Travis, Slather and Codecov

Handling live text reload elegantly

Easy steps to support concurrent editing without losing cursor position or text selection in UITextView

Installing on iOS 10 with Xcode 7

Keep working on your production-ready apps, even while running the iOS beta on your phone

Retrieving iOS Shared Web Credentials

Simplify authentication for your users

Fixing local problems with a Carthage version number

For those times when Carthage will not bend itself to your will.

Using Carthage to add third-party code

Simplify third-party dependencies using Carthage and Git submodules.